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Hi I'm Keith, and this is the story of Philistine Tattoo Removal.

I have been in the field of emergency medicine in one form or another since 1999 having served as a British Army Combat Medic, completing tours of Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

For the last 10+ years I have been a nationally registered Paramedic working for the NHS Ambulance Service, holding a DipHE in Paramedic Practice.

During this time, I have come into contact with many people with tattoos, and I have found that there are plenty of people who realise years later, that maybe they have made a mistake. The tattoos they have become a permanent reminder of something that belongs in the past, or they just want to get a different tattoo instead.

This is how I've come to be here at Philistine, working alongside my good friend Johny Matthews who owns Lost Boys Tattoo Studio, where I offer a bespoke service in Rotherham every Sunday.

With my years of experience in the field of medicine as well as my level 5 laser tattoo removal qualification, I can help you remove your tattoos and minimise any potential risks providing you with an outcome we can all be proud of.

At Philistine we also offer more than tattoo removal. I also provide several skin rejuvenation treatments using a carbon laser face peel. This clears all the dead skin from the treated areas, as well as any bacteria in the area, giving you a fresh glow. I can also provide an acne treatment, as well as treating any blemishes on your skin. There are also options for semi-permanent make up removal for eyebrows. As well as fungal nail treatments for problematic fungal infections.

Please contact me here at Philistine Tattoo Removal and we will arrange a consultation where we can discuss your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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